Financial Freedom

Financial freedom means different things to different people.

Some may say financial freedom means more money in the bank.

Some may say financial freedom means the liberty to pay bills on time.

Others may say it means good credit. None of these meanings are wrong.

It’s actually a combination of all of them. On a very basic level, financial

freedom means managing your income so that you can take care of your

basic needs such as shelter, food, and transportation and saving for

financial goals.

financial freedom

financial freedom

Financial freedom is not reached by accident nor do it happen overnight.

Deciding to become financially secure requires a clear mind and the

willingness to do the work required to reach your goal. Regardless if

you are just stepping out on your own or if you have debt over your

limit, you can live a life of financial freedom by developing a plan to

help you get there over time. Although uncertain circumstances can

and will happen to us all, having a financial plan helps you to

reevaluate the things that are most valuable in your life. Then you

can reposition your goals that will allow you to handle the immediate

crisis without overlooking other important things.

It does not matter your income level, you can create a financial plan that

is realistic for you. It can be as simple as making a commitment to live

within your income, to have an emergency fund, and to pay your current

bills on time.  It will take work on your behalf in order to reach the

financial freedom that you desire. The key is to have a plan! Consider

your financial plan as your road map to get you to your destination.

Start today, make a choice to make your plan and then the rest is easy…work your

plan! – Lurenna Obey, CEO

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